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About Justin Le

Hi, I'm Justin Le!  I run the Haskell/Functional Programing/Mathematics blog inCode, and occasionally live-stream coding on Twitch and tweet about Haskell and FP.

I'm currently a Ph.D. candidate at Chapman University studying Computational and Data Science, and am passionate about spreading Functional Programming and Type System-based innovations to the greater Data Science and Machine Learning world.  If you enjoy learning about functional programming, expressive type systems, and seeing the spread of its adoption in an exciting field, I'd love to have you along on this journey with me :D

My blog posts and videos usually cover topics in:
  1. Functional Programming & Haskell
  2. Type systems / Dependent Types
  3. Data Science & Machine learning
  4. Physics & Mathematics
  5. Intersections of these fields
and I release content for beginner, intermediate, and advanced functional programmers.  My advanced blog posts often cover the cutting-edge in advancements in various fields, but my general audience posts have shown up multiple times at the front page of platforms like Hacker News and /r/programming.

As I transition from my Ph.D. candidacy to the real world of a competitive job market with an uncertain future, it means the world to me that people would care enough to help support my passion of writing and spreading functional programming and Haskell.

Through your support, you let me know that the content I have written has helped or impacted you in some way, and that you want to join me on this journey and help give me the opportunity to take my writing more seriously in my post-doctoral life :D

Thank you so much for all your support and kindness, in any form :)



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Live Coding Series of Choice: At the $75/post milestone, I will start a (totaling at least) 5-hour live coding series based on a coding challenge or project of choice polled from my patrons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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