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About Justin Scarred

I still can't believe how much my life has sure changed in the past six years! I've met so many wonderful people who appreciate all the content created, whether the Epic Video adventures, the quest for positivity, Randomland Adventures, Paintings, Photos, etc. It would not be possible to keep creating the amount of content I do, (and especially expanding and traveling and covering more subjects) if it weren't for all the support I receive from you guys!

So many people have replaced TV with YouTube. Most of us creating content online actually get paid little to nothing for the actual content itself. Unless each video is getting millions of views a month, the ads on those videos aren't making much money. People pay for cable, for netflix, hulu, etc, yet often watch online content such as youtube videos much more often. So, because so many people suggested it, here's a Patreon account! All I ask is, if you can afford it, and if you get enjoyment out of my videos, consider contributing $1 per month. If you feel like the videos are worth more to you, or you'd like to help more, thats ok too!

This doesn't change the fact that Randomland is free! All this does is allow those who wish to contribute to the ongoing creation of videos to do so. If you get entertainment value from my content, it's a simple tip jar so you can make a contribution. If my videos are worth $1 a month to you, toss in a buck. If more, awesome! Either way, Thank you for taking a look! I'm going to keep working as hard as I possibly can to make great stuff that I hope you all enjoy. I don't offer regular "rewards" because I'm already trying to throw everything I have into the videos & not be too distracted with constantly trying to figure out incentives for other people. However, although on no regular schedule, there will be occasional "podcasts" (I call them NOTCASTS) for ALL Patrons, and Vlog-type videos and more for those contributing $10 and up.. (This is in a testing phase and may not be permanent) I hope that you enjoy the content that I create. Thank you so much for stopping to read this, and  I hope to see you out there in Randomland!
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I don't really understand Patreon goals, but why not aim high? Someday I hope to hit this goal and be able to split more of my time between east and west coast, as well as travel overseas more often. Gotta dream big. Some of these numbers sound big, but hopefully someday it will grow even more & we can hire editors and just roam around the world. But one step at a time. ;)
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