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It's an open-world, adventure, fantasy, adult porn game!

Download the latest build:
Don Juan Of The Galaxy v0.05 - UNCENSORED download here

- Female x Male
- Female x Female
- Male x Male
- Foot fetish
- Wife sharing
- Vibrator
- Unicorn/Pony
It's constantly expanding!


Dear Patrons and new Visitors!

I'm Justin Wild, developer, 3d content creator, animator. I started to develop my first own adult game 1 years ago, this is Don Juan Of The Galaxy. It's an  adult, fantasy, hentai, anime, manga, open world, porn video game. My dream is that I could make this game in full time, and if I would have more patrons, I employ kind workmates, so I serve you more content per month.So if you check my Goals, you can see, when I can make it in full time, and when I can afford to extend my team.

I UPDATE the game in 2-4 weeks. I'll be on, you got many pleasure by my game. If I reach my goal on Patreon, I will make VR version of the game's sexual scenes.  
If I reach my second goal, I afford to employ 3 workmates and I start to implement Survival Mode in the game.

My game is  Don Juan Of The Galaxy.
Platform: PC, VR (VR is my first big plan, if I reach my 2nd Patreon's Goal, I can afford to employ one more developer and more workmates to help to make VR version, too)
Languages: English,Spanish,Chinese

The earthly desires hasn’t slaked Tras’s sexual appetite, and he had to find another galaxy to find new experiences. He’s already traveled across more galaxies and get a constant female travel companion, so he is already not alone. One day, they arrived to an unknown place, and unexpectedly, the spaceship crashed to an unknown planet….are both of them still alive? Maybe can Tras finds new pleasures there? Maybe can he experiences the culmination of pleasures? Discover the new place!

You can switch to LITE mode in the game (It's a performance boost option for low-end PCs, it turns off some details in the game like grasses, plants etc)

Current and upcoming updates:


More Gameplay Screenshot On My 

Why are you my patron?

As I wrote my dream is that, I would like to extend and finish this game in full time job. I always put the current work schedule and you can get up to date information about Don Juan Of The Galaxy development news. 
And don't forget, every 7$ helps out greatly!
About  AWESOME REWARDS for your pledges:
You can see my tiers with related content. I have lots of plan to share extra quality contents and bonuses for my patrons. My other big imagination to release the game in VR.

I really appreciate and would like to give a "HUGE Thank You" to everyone who supports my activity, it feels really great to see other people like and support my work! Thank You again!

If you choose the Biggest Patron package, I'll give you Villa Party I. Full Game, (I worked for a game studio last year, and their product is Villa Party I., you can check a gameplay trailer here:   Trailer


I created a Discord Channel, where we can discuss updates/news, wishes, bugs/issues every day.
10% complete
If I reach my goal, my dream comes true and I will develop Don Juan Of The Galaxy in full time. So I can invest more development and content per month.

My second goal is to employ 3 workmates and make VR version of the game and publish it monthly updates), besides to start to implement Survival Mode in the game.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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