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About Just Lexx

Hey guys! Thank you for being fans of my snapchat story! A lot of you have asked if I would make an exclusive snapchat account, and now I have! If you love my public story and want to get a little extra content with a lot less clothes then pledge. All patrons will get access to an exclusive Patron only snapchat account. This is the account where I will be taking most of my nude photos and videos. 

If you can't afford to pledge, don't worry, I plan to share some of the content I make on my exclusive account over at my new subreddit!

I plan to make more content and post it here for patrons eventually, but for now, enjoy the exclusive snapchat account! If you have ideas for photoshoots or videos you would like to see me make, let me know!

Disclaimer: please note there will be no masturbation on the private story! I know thats a bummer for some of you, but it's not allowed on Patreon. Don't worry, the account will still be fun! 

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If I can get to 200 patrons I will have to start thinking of some real goals for this!
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