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About CookyCookie

We are the developers of Just Run and Run, a action-based platformer game with bosses, many enemies and a unique gameplay! We are a team from all around the world, sharing one goal: Making Just Run and Run happen!

Nice! What's the story?
The game is about a common boy who lived a normal life like everyone else. One day, he was watching TV and he heard a loud bang coming from the bathroom. He went to investigate and saw red monster pillows with eyes, legs and hands. They noticed the boy and took him to their own world. The boy now had to save the world from monster pillows, crazy eyeballs and pirate cannons with spider legs.

We believe that our game will be high-quality. It's also quite big(45 levels in total!). A lot of people are working on this game as well. JRaR, also known as Just Run and Run, is made by a brand new assembled team from all around the world with one goal and dream: Making JRaR into a true game. With every donation, you're helping is to make this dream come true!
JRaR has been our dream for a long time, and we really want to make this dream come true. Dreams exist to follow and work for, right? We've been working really hard, but realised that we can't make it happen without any funding.

How do you want to make it happen?
As mentioned above, we've assembled a team from all around the world, spanning from voice actors to programmers, 3D modelers to 2D artists. We're planning to release the game on Steam. We also plan on releasing it on Gamejolt. By supporting us, you will receive a free copy of the game's full release and the more you pledge, the more you'll receive! Check the page for more information on the rewards!

View more information on our CookyCookie DiscordJRaR Community DiscordJRaR Twitter and our YouTube Channel!

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