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About just wondering

Hi! We’re just wondering …

Yep, we are, pretty much always. Not always ourselves I mean, but always a bit in awe. We make short animated-essays to grasp this present, this awe, this moment we're living right now... animating thoughts, and words, and images through spectral sounds!

One thing about us is that we’re trying to figure out how to live through and within the current climatic regime, how to go beyond this crisis. Operating within one discipline is hard if not impossible, that's why we end up using a sociological lens as well as thinking with philosophical questions. Perhaps we're staying with the trouble, as Donna Haraway said, trying to understand this messy present, so we can envision a future worth living for all of us.

What’s up with the money?

Yeah we too wonder, when is the post-scarcity money-less economy coming. Seems like not soon? And people need money to, uh, survive? Animated videos are sure fun, but almost every video we make takes some hundreds of hours, from concept to research to writing to editing to story-boarding to voice-over acting to illustrating to animating to extra edits to music composition and SFX to post-production and so on and so on and so on. …

And thus, here’s where the money would go:

  • First, to our super-lovely collaborators who have, at times, worked pro-bono or for less than deserved!

  • Second, we’ll be able to pay ourselves and thus invest more time in making videos and less in looking for (alienating?) jobs!

  • Third, we’ll invest money back for better equipment, more projects, more questions, more perplexing fun!

So, how often can we make an animation?

Well, wouldn’t we want to know too! At the moment, we estimate to release one video every two months. Sometimes it’s harder, sometimes it’s easier, but we’ll keep you updated with what’s going on and hopefully, with your help, we can speed-up the process!

More infos

If you wanna know even more about us, go check our about page: https://justwondering.io/about/ and reach us on twitter!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts