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Hi, I'm on the fly

In 2016 I said to myself "I am definitely an outdoor girl"
In 2017 I said to myself "The world is my living room"
In the same year I said to myself " I want to live in the mountains far away from civilization"

Then I left the big city that hosted me so kindly for so many years and went up the mountain. I did not need an own living room any more.

Then I said to myself "I'm a nomad"
I trust in life and let it take me places on it's wings, making life a work of art.

In 2018 I said to myself "I want to live at the coast"
In 2019 I finally lived at the spanish coast for half a year.

The heat became unbearable in July, August. Nevertheless during the time I rented a nice house, went for a swim in the sea almost every day, got in good physical shape, did my artistic "homework", started singing jazz music in public, played the guitar, wrote poems, wrote some autobiographic short stories, had a distant lover...

Then I said to myself "I think I need to move on"

For now I travel around with a nice car waiting for some inspiration and a good idea to come up for a new place where I can lay my hat for a while. I've been travelling all through Germany, France and Spain taking a lot of pictures and collecting so many good experiences, that I could write a good book.

The place I look for should not be too hot, neither too cold, neither too wet and it should be at the seaside.

I know that the most important duty in life is to be happy, but I also know that I am a bee that produces honey, so I have to fly from flower to flower, and sometimes I also need to be the flower and let a bee pollinate me. Which means I have to be of inspiration for others and let others be of inspiration for me in order to create something: a book, a photograph a poem, a song ... and then offer it to the world. ART doesn't fit in a frame, but the products of a life that is a Work of Art do fit in frames. Love is in the air, love is everywhere.

After having taken care of a friend's house in the area of Almería until the 23th of October 2019 my future is an open book. Where will I fly to after that? What has life in store for me? Will I live in La Rochelle? Will I get the possibility to exhibit there? Will I get to know new amazing people, with whom I can share space, art and creativity and maybe love? Will I be able to start living on art? The human race is the only species in the world, that needs money to live!

I managed to live with hardly any money for the last 2 1/2 years and nevertheless, or should I say therefore, managed to have the space and freedom to just live carefree doing what I want and where I want. It is an exciting process to see that, when you surrender, give up the things that make life supposingly secure, you get in touch with your real essence, meaning that you start being the creative creature life wants you to be, life starts to support you in miraculous ways. Wonders happen when you feel gratitude. So I say thank you!!!!!! To all the wonderful people I am getting to know and for all support I am receiving. It really isn't so much about the money it is all about sharing and caring. 
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