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New Start
Latest release: 
Latest public release:
Instructions: Extract the contents of the package, look for the "NewStart" executable inside, and open it.

About me

I have a programming background and never created anything remotely as a game or 3D renders before.
I also speak English as a second language.
And games, I just love them!
The thing is, I always wanted to write stories and show those stories in a visual format. So what's the best way to do that than creating a visual novel?
For now, this is a hobby, but I have the goal to work independently and I decided that this is going to be my entry point. 
I hope you enjoy this journey as I'm enjoying and please have some patience as sometimes I'll struggle to get results myself as none of this common ground to me.

About New Start
New Start is my first project of this kind.
As said in my first post here, it is a game about a person that wakes in a hospital bed after a car crash. Oddly this person has no sex and stranger is that some people find it completely normal.
Our main character is confused about what happened and is just going with the flow for now.

The game will have a near-future setting, and as pretentious that it may sound, I humbly say that my inspirations for this game are Bladerunner, Evangelion, and Knights of Sidonia in a psychological sense.

I'll try to make a game as diverse and inclusive as possible, even mostly with characters. I ask that if by any means I offend someone, or make any mistake in that sense, please tell me.

Due to time and hardware limits, the main storyline will be relatively linear but there will be choices that will affect the main character and their relationships.

Lastly, depending on the game's success I plan to translate it to Spanish and Portuguese.

That's it, I hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Jvcv.
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