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My eternal gratitude!

Access to Discord server

Sketches/studies: Get access to behind the scene look of my future artwork. 

Full Resolution files: This will be a PNG or a JPG

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My eternal gratitude!

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Lineart (one per month for your coloring pleasure. Will mainly be original characters, or animal type hybrids) 

Step Sequence Breakdown:  Each step will be explained on what action I took and the brushes that I used. 

Access to Polls: You decide on what tutorial or artwork I should do next. 

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My eternal gratitude!

+ All previous rewards!

Layered MediBang file: See the pieces broken down and organized. 

Real-time painting video: You'll either get 2 or 1 every month. Right now, the series are Chinese Zodiac Signs.  

(for example, if I post 2 painting video, then there will be 1 tutorial and vice versa).

Voice over tutorial videos: You'll either get 2 or 1 every month. The topic depends on what is the most voted. 

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About Jyundee

~~~~~~~~~~ Hello! I am Jyundee. ~~~~~~~~~~

❀ Why Patreon?
Patreon is a chance for me to share more content with you guys. I'll share in depth look into my creative processes, and some exclusive content. You'll play a part in deciding what content to create. This is also an opportunity for me to afford to keep on doing what I do. In return for your support, I'll return you with exclusive tutorials, and other goodies. This page is still under construction, and I am testing how this will go. Please be patient of me.

❀ Where is your support going? 
Personal art projects, living expenses, and house bills. 

All patrons will be charged upfront on the day you became a patron, then the next payment will be on the 1st day of every month onward. For example, if you pledge on February 28th, you'll get February's reward. The next bill will be billed on the 1st of March. If you wish to cancel, do so before the 1st of each month. All rewards will be posted as soon as I finished them. You can downgrade or update your tier at anytime. 

As always, thank you guys for supporting me whether or not you become a patron. 


❀ Who am I?
My name is Jenny, and I am an illustrator base in USA. I've always been fascinated with semi-realism. It quickly become one of my favorite genre that I love to paint. I paint many things from landscape, popular characters to original concepts or any story that has meaning to me 

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This will help cover some of my living expenses, so I can focus on creating better rewards. 
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