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About József

Motivation and plans

I am an applied mathematician with a PhD from the University of Waterloo in Canada, and a publication record in reputable journals. I created this page to solicit crowd-funding for various research projects that are unlikely to attract funding in an academic position, but are nevertheless important in my opinion. Please consider supporting my evolving independent research programme in the following fields:
  • Theoretical / Computational Fractal Geometry / Analysis
  • Theoretical / Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Number Theory
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Mathematical / Computational Fine Art
  • Computational Biochemistry
  • Operations Research in Building Science.

I plan to continue publishing my research in peer-reviewed journals. I am joining the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars, the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, and the Ronin Institute, partly to maintain an affiliation for publication, and partly to apply for conference funding, besides other opportunities.

Funding goal, collaborations, and commissions

Each special "research update" I post here (privately for patrons under the "Posts" tab above) will deduct your support amount from your funding source (credit card, Paypal, etc.). No new research update implies no deduction. My immediate goal is to reach a funding level of at least $550 / update. The update frequency will likely be 1 update / week, but no more than that. (The net minimum wage in Ontario, Canada is ~$2000 / month.)

I am open to collaboration with academic / independent researchers, no patronage expected, unless the project is industry-funded. I also welcome project proposals of interest directly from companies, preferably in the Prime or Chief Patron funding categories, which will buy 10 and 20 hours of my time per week for the project, respectively.

Patreon is a secure and well-established funding platform for creators, taking care of official paperwork for taxes, etc.

About me

More information about my work is available on my website.

My profiles: arXivORCIDResearchGateGitHubYouTubeFacebookTwitter.

You can contact me in e-mail.
$0 of $550 per research update
My initial goal is to reach the minimum amount I need to get by, with at most one update per week.
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