(K2) Kevin Smith II is creating a variety of media to inspire community self expression

$1 /mo
Absolute gratitude and love for taking the leap and choosing to support.  It means a lot at any level to give an artist the chance to create and share their interpretations of the world with the wo...

$5 /mo
Access to blog posts with videos of behind the scenes footage of Space Filter puppet making progress, other video clips of projects in development.

$10 /mo
If you can support 10$ a month I will personally send you a K2 Creative digital download pack every month. Featuring an original work of art download, an mp3 version of a new song and other thought...

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You will receive the monthly K2 creative pack, along with a special monthly google hangout chat for creative counsel and collaboration. If you are able to continue this support for one full year th...

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Thank you for considering $100 a month in support.  At this donation level you will help us in our efforts in production so much and I would like to include you as an associate producer in our vide...