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  • phone wallpapers and icons.
  • PNG and GIF downloads
  • Bases, backgrounds, fonts, and other cool resources for other pixel artists 
  • Some original aseprite files 

And the bits folder:
This is a folder full of nearly useless 32 by 32 sprites that I started working on this year. They might be fun you use for web dev stuff, photo editing,  or video games if you can fit them!
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If you donate $2 a month or more you get all of the very cool $1 tier things  just for supporting me as well as

  • a shout out on my twitter and instagram under every art post
  • you're supporting twice as much with only a dollar more! and thats really cool!
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this is a secret tier for very cool people, there are no extra benefits but if you pay $11 or above i'll put a bug emoji next to your name and put you first in the promos




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hello, this is kael's patreon

[ig] [twitter] [twitch] [discord]

I post art every week on instagram and twitter and very occasionally stream my process on twitch. Right now I'm in college perusing a degree in computer science and hopefully one day I'll get to make video games, apps or cool programs.
Thank you so much for checking out my papatreo



[current bits: 54 + 4 fonts]

these are in a folder that is available to all supporters, i add more every month!

270px black and white art

requests for things like these are available to $25 + supporters, limited to one a month

pixel menu:

this base is available for all supporters to make a pixel menu on their own!

tiny sprites:

this base is available for all supporters to make a small animates sprite on their own!

and here are a bunch of examples of my art in case you're unfamiliar with me

$77.77 of $300 per month

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