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I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I make LP's and occasionally stream. Recently, I had to get a full time job to be able to become financially stable, and because of that I have had less and less time for LPs and things of the sort. I would honestly love nothing more than to be able to LP and stream every day, interacting with you guys, and still be able to financially survive. The reason I'm making this account is so that, if some people are crazy enough, they can help support my dream and make me able to be a full-time LPer and streamer. If I get enough patrons, I'll be able to take on less hours at work and stream and LP more often. If I get enough, I might eventually be able to get back to LPing full time and upload/stream daily. That's the dream...let's see if it's possible.
$14 of $128 per creation
A sexy new LP machine! Once I reach this goal, We can beast out LPs and Streams!
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