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About Kabalor

   Kabalor is a tabletop roleplaying game focused on collaborative storytelling about characters who grow into their unique selves, connect and become a team, explore and expand their horizons, unlock new skills and possibilities, and share to make the world a better place for themselves and others.

   This is a world born of creativity and the players unfold their character’s story within that expansive space. The game encourages positive connections not only between the players, but between the characters and the world. All this takes place in an original fantasy universe ready to support your best fun!


   “In the beginning the universe was conceived by Chaos, given form by Order, and stabilized by Balance. Into it came extraordinarily powerful beings called the Eminences. Using the raw elements of magic, water, earth, air, and fire, the Eminences created the world, along with everything in it.
   In the great ocean they brought forth a vast land, and in the center of that land made an inland sea, fed by huge rivers in the north and south and the greatest of all in the east. They made the nine peoples, each with their special blessings, and placed them around this huge land. Then they brought to us the gifts of all the crafts and of spellcasting. And they stepped back from this world to watch what would happen.
   Many things happened and many many many years passed. The Bakani spread their language through trade and it is what we speak today, they also have the deepest grasp on the workings of magic, though the Nymioni were the first to master spellcasting. The Pwonti mastered building and created the first city, Kudali, still the largest in the world. Songs and stories of the Huzzoni spread throughout the world, most often through the wide-ranging ships of the Urdeshi, who first mastered the art of sailing. The Shafori studied deeply about the universe, the planes, and the Eminences and spread knowledge of ceremony and festivals. None of this would have been possible without the early mastery by the Ethari of gathering and hunting, by the Davuri of farming and smithcraft, and by the Lissami of the art of healing, both magical and otherwise.”
   From the pamphlet A Concise History Of The World As It Should Be Known to Most Folk by a Bakan historian


   Rather than lock myself away to write the game rules alone, I've created this community where I can share the growing body of work as it is ready, hear feedback and ideas, and make a better game for us all. The more gamemasters and players of Kabalor, the more it will be the open, inclusive, diverse, fantastic universe we need. The game will be available for free on Kabalor.com when the public playtest opens.
  I'm also going to share on Kabalor.com my tips for using minis, table art (a.k.a. "battlemats"), and miniature 3D terrain in your gamemastering and this Patreon will help support that work.

Your monthly $1 support allows you to see my posts here in Patreon which may include exclusive or early versions of materials. Also you'll get access to detailed discussions and polls about the content and what comes next.

Even if it's not a good fit for you to support with money, I appreciate you taking the time to read what I offer for free here and to share your experience in the comments. Click that 'Follow' button and you'll get alerted whenever a new free post goes up. :)

As I share this, because I grew up within and continue to enjoy a lot of privilege (white, cis, middle class, educated), I need to do the work of listening to under-represented voices. Finding the flaws and dismantling them will take a community. By supporting this patreon you support that work. I look forward to learning from and amplifying those voices.

Who am I? I'm Dinah Sanders and I've been a game master since my teens in the late 1970s. I'm also an author and publisher with two non-fiction books under my belt. I created Kabalor for my gaming group when I found that despite my love of the rules to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, I wasn't getting to spend time in the fantasy world of my dreams. A new setting wasn't going to do it; this required a bold leap into a new universe, leaving all those devils and angels, orcs and elves behind.

Thank you for exploring the worlds of Kabalor with me!

— Dinah

(The fabulous Kabalor profile photo is Inso Fematumo, a Bakan with a rough past who has begun to find a more peaceful path, as drawn by Li Didkovsky, who also created the early development image of all the peoples used as the banner and who will be creating an update for the improved version of the game with nine peoples.)
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$50 per month will allow me to purchase a new Hero Forge mini each month, which I'll share pictures of here so we can see how the different peoples of Kabalor look in 3D. It will also allow me to continue supporting illustrator Li Didkovsky at the Star Navigator level and keep exploring Kabalor character drawings together as I expand the world's non-player characters.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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