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About Kabbalistic Village

Hello all. I am Kabbalistic Village. I am a music producer/film composer and make music every day. I sell a lot of my songs for use in Film and TV and even to Youtube creators but I also have many free tracks in different styles that I let Youtube creators use in their videos for completely free. Some of my tracks like Snowy Forest have been downloaded close to 3000 times from creators on Youtube. Below is another one of my popular tracks. I try to release a new track each month that is specifically free for Youtubers and anyone else who wants to use it. If you use some of my music I would greatly appreciate if you can make a pledge to my Patreon.

Here is a link to my playlist of 32 free tracks that are FREE to use - https://soundcloud.com/kabbalisticvillage/sets/free-music-to-use-in-your

Thank you all!

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