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About Kaboom Percussion

You made it! Welcome! Thanks for being here :D

Who are we?
This is Cat and Josh. We're musicians who are passionate about creating fun videos that make you smile. We play a bunch of instruments and love to write our own music and cover our favourite songs.

We've been creating videos on YouTube since 2014 (over 130 videos so far) and have just reached 270K subscribers. Since starting our channel we've been blown away by the amazing response from our wonderful fans from around the world. We love our fans and we thought we'd start our Patreon to ask you to help us take our channel to the next level. 

How does Patreon work?
Patreon is a platform that allows fans to directly support artists by making recurring donations. In exchange for your awesome generosity we've set up some rewards that we hope you'll be excited to receive!

What do we want to do with you support?
We really think we've gotten better at making videos over the last few years (there are definitely some cringe-worthy moments in the early ones haha) and we are super excited about the possibility of taking that to the next level with your help - we're talking about much better production for our videos and truly top level content! We'd love to be able to tour internationally in the future too and perform for and meet our supporters around the world :D

How can you get involved?
We've got three levels of supporters - Kaboom Family, BFFs and Super Patrons that each have their own rewards. All our rewards stack up, so the more you can donate the more rewards you get! Check out the full descriptions in the side panel to see the details of the levels.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our page and very best wishes from Australia,
Cat and Josh xx

How much should I donate?
We really appreciate whatever support you can give, even $1 adds up. Thanks for your support at whatever level you feel you can manage!

How many videos will you be making?
We try make a new video every month and we only charge patrons for our performance videos (not our tutorial or behind the scenes videos). 

Do I have to donate in US dollars?
No, you can pay in any currency! Patreon is an American website so all figures are USD but you can pay in any currency and it will be converted automatically.

Can I stop donating in the future?
Of course you can! We appreciate your support for as long as you feel happy to give it - just log in to change or cancel your pledge whenever you want.

I don't have any money/I'm too young to donate!
We totally understand that not everyone is in a position to donate and we know lots of our supporters are very young and that's totally ok! We love that you watch our videos and support us in the ways you can.
$203 of $500 per creation
Help us make our most high-tech video to date! We pretty much do everything for our videos (lights, sound, video, playing, editing etc) and we'd love to enlist some talented helpers to up our production values and make a great video for you to watch!
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