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About David Kadavy

For a limited time: Get the 'TRUE FAN' special, for everything you'd get in the CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR tier, locked in at a steep discount.

Not all money is the same. Some money feels better than other money. When you buy one of my books, that money feels good. When companies sponsored my podcast, that money didn't feel quite as good.

So, I stopped taking sponsorship for my podcast, and now rely on my Patreon supporters to cover costs and give me the space to keep creating. Love Your Work is my intellectual playground where I share my biggest ideas first. It's supplemented by my weekly Love Mondays newsletter, where I explore how to make it in the unpredictable world of creative success.

Ideas I share in these places often make it into a book, but a lot of time passes between books. The money I get from supporters like you is some of the best feeling money I get It's a vote of confidence that you want me to keep doing what I'm doing. It gives me the space to focus and make my next book better, without waiting years for a payday.

Thanks so much for your support. It helps me keep doing what I'm doing.

–David Kadavy

Why do you pay for something you can get for free?

Here's what some of my patrons have to say:

I'm making plans to go on my own and do what I really believe. I would give you the credit to kicking my ass and stop me of being scared, stop waiting or stop being a perfectionist.
–Arm S.

It's just so hard to come by authentic content nowadays and you are an inspiration to me. I'm writing my first book and so much of your advice has been helpful. This is not about me helping you, it's about you helping me.
–Cesar P.

There is a lot of free content available nowadays, but if it's free it usually means that creators are getting paid either with ads or sponsors. And when that happens, it's reasonable that the content is in some part influenced by superficial goals. But using something like Patreon allows you to focus in actually making good content.
–Noel D.

I decided to support because I found your podcast via your book, The Heart to Start, which I AM LOVING. Will read Design Hackers next. Your content has genuine value from the first page, from the first listen and I wish you all the best. Thank you.
–Nina W.

By following some of the advice I got from your podcast or from the recommended books, I've been reading more books, wasting less time and having more time for actually doing more things that really matter for myself and my family and overall living a much happier life than before.
–Cristian M.

Your work educates and inspires and keeps me pushing forward. So thank you and please never hesitate to ask for my and our help and support. I am a raving fan.

I support you and the show because I believe in the mission of the podcast, more than that I believe in your unique approach to the mission. Deeper than those things, there is something about your journey and your quest that resonates with me in a place beyond words.
–Drew A.

David continues to give and give. And when you think he's done, he finds a way to give some more. At some point, you have to give back and David certainly makes it easy. He continues to publish amazing content, and if you're creative, David is a must follow. I'm grateful for his emails, books and his podcast. He rocks my inbox, my eyes and my ears. Thank you, David!
–Brian M.

I followed your work for awhile. Purchased your book and a course. Your pleas of only the cost of one coffee a month finally paid off. :) I signed up for Patreon solely to start supporting you. Keep up with the great content.
–Steven C.

What got me to reach into my wallet? I have been listening to you for quite a while and respect your object, tenacity, and courage. Patreon has made it easy to support the people who do work that I like.
–Mike N. 

But don’t support just because you’re a good person.

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