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♥️ Thank you for supporting me and my work! 

In this tier patrons will be granted.... 

♥️Early digital access to what I am working on before they hit social media  

♥️ Full speed-paints of completed art pieces!

♥️Able to vote on upcoming themes for projects such as prints, wallpapers, and stickers!  Polls will be posted on Patreon, just make sure to click the poll when uploaded  and cast your vote! 

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In this tier, patron sare provided.... 

♥️ PDF files of sketches and ideas that have never been seen 

♥️ A monthly digital wallpaper that will be provided here on pateron, or even emailed if you like! 

♥️ Along with previous tier rewards 

♥️ Sticker Sheet ♥️
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Every month patrons in this tier will be provided...

♥️ A monthly sticker pack or sheet will be shipped straight to your home!  

♥️ Along with a personalized thank you note. 

♥️ A poll will be created to decide on the months theme! 

♥️ Along with previous teir rewards! 




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About Kadie_Doodles

Hello, my name is Kadie and I absolutely love to create and share my creativity with the world. Here on Patreon I hope to not only share more of my passion, but to get my feet wet in maninting my very own brand! I hope my art and creations bring a smile to your face, and if you’re willing to join me on my new adventure I’d very much appreciate it!💕✨

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