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creating network services and homebrew tools

Kaeru Team

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Many thanks for helping keep Kaeru alive!

You'll receive access to our beta services for as long as you're a patron, and indefinite access to Kaerutomo Beta.
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Thank you for going the extra mile with your support!
On top of the perks from the Kaeru Green tier, you'll have the chance to access Kaeru merch from time-to-time (first-come, first-served).

The Red tier will also grant you access to certain extra special functionality, where available!

For example, we're working on Flipnote to Video conversion server-side for Kaeru Gallery, as well as automatic YouTube/social media uploads. These features require a high amount of processing time and chargeable API quota, so limiting these to the Red tier and up ensures we can manage the associated costs.
Includes Discord benefits



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