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For example, we're working on Flipnote to Video conversion server-side for Kaeru Gallery, as well as automatic YouTube/social media uploads. These features require a high amount of processing time and chargeable API quota, so limiting these to the Red tier and up ensures we can manage the associated costs.
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About Kaeru Team

Kaeru Team reverse engineer and develop network services and other homebrew tools for Nintendo products such as the 3DS, DSi and Wii U, as well as discontinued mobile games.

We’re working to find new and exciting ways to give old systems new life even when the original companies no longer provide support for them, and we also aim to preserve significant user-generated content that's important to communities.

Without big corporate backers or any affiliation with Nintendo, etc., where donations aren't enough to cover our costs they come from our own pockets, so every little bit really helps us to continue doing what Nintendon't :)

Join our Discord guild: https://discord.kaeru.world
Visit our website: https://kaeru.world


Kaeru Gallery


A replacement online service for Flipnote Studio 3D allowing sharing of Flipnote animations online and on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Kaeru WFC


A gateway service enabling Nintendo DS users to play online using Wiimmfi without homebrew or romhacks.



A custom backend server for Miitomo making the app functional again after its shutdown.
(Compatible with Android and jailbroken iOS devices.)

Kaeru Duel Alpha


A work in progress custom backend server compatible with Pokémon Duel, bringing online functionality back after shutdown.
Compatible with Android only for now. If you don't currently have an Android device, many users have had success playing with emulators for PCs such as Nox, but your experience may vary.

Please note that Kaeru Duel Alpha is still in development; as such, not all features are implemented on the server yet, and you are likely to experience some bugs and crashes.
If you're not comfortable with this, we recommend you wait until Kaeru Duel is more stable and released to a wider audience to play.


How do I activate my Patreon benefits?

Once you've pledged on Patreon, to activate your benefits, you'll need to visit http://kaeru.world/go/activatepatreon and either sign into or create your Kaeru Account. Click the "Link Patreon Account" button and follow the instructions to link with Patreon; you should receive access automatically. If you have any problems, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


Notes about patching, and 'where do I find APK files?'

Although the software that powers our replacement servers is entirely our own, or otherwise appropriately licensed, the apps which our servers are designed to work with are usually proprietary software. This means that we don't have the rights to share copies of the apps themselves (in other words, we cannot just give you an APK / IPA file), and if we did so it would open us up to unacceptable liabilities.
As a workaround, we provide easy ways to patch an installation of the apps we support to work with our custom servers.

  • For 3DS users (Kaeru Gallery), you'll need to have Luma3DS CFW set up on your console; after that, it's as easy as copying our patch files to your SD card. These can be downloaded from our website.
  • For iOS users (Kaerutomo), you need to be jailbroken to use our services, we have an APT repository which can be added to your package manager which makes it easy to install our Kaerutomo tweak. This tweak will hook into your Miitomo install at runtime to make the necessary code changes.
  • For Android users (Kaerutomo and Kaeru Duel), we provide a tool called Kaeru Patcher to patch supported apps (which you should already have installed) to make them work with our custom servers.

To reiterate, please be reminded that if you don't already own the relevant app, unfortunately we cannot help you obtain a copy. You should use official methods to download the app legitimately, e.g by using an Apple ID / Google Account which had 'purchased' / downloaded the app before it was delisted to download it from your purchase history on the App Store / Play Store. We do however provide links to the app pages to help you find them more easily.
100% complete
At this point we'll be able to help support our dev team with essential costs so that they'll be more able to dedicate time to the project.
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