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Welcome to the community! You now have access to my community Discord! Here, you can talk to other patrons, as well as talk to me directly, and get all the behind the scenes nonsense I just can't fit into easy to watch videos.

We'll also discuss upcoming projects, fundraisers, and more, plus get specialized shouts outs for when I'm in your area!

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Welcome to the coffee club where you provide me with the magic elixir that drives me to continue putting out content! You will receive a credit in one of my YouTube videos thanking all my patrons─by name─for their contribution and support! Plus receive access to my community Discord, your letter of transit is waiting!
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You receive a fully lined, colored, and shaded 500px by 500px icon of any character of your choosing─or yourself─and all preceding tiers.




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• ~ • ~ •
Hey all of ya, my name is Kae Sera.
I like to write, draw, theorize, and sing.
I play games, make crafts, and try out many other things.
I like to be a jack of all trades, and while I may be a master of none,
at least it's better than a master of only one.

I'm currently living near L.A.
and trying to make my way.
I hope to one day open my own production studio
but I know I have a long way to go.
However, with your support─
and a certain level of tolerance for puns and rhyme─
I believe I can make it in time!
• ~ • ~ •
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Weekly Get-Together (AKA Virtual Rave)
Once reached, I'll try my best to stream my art, gaming, and just my quirky personality every weekend, Fridays and Saturdays! Come hang out, I'll make popcorn and soda floats* and we'll have a blast!

* Note, popcorn and soda floats will not be provided nor magically appear for viewers, apologies for any disappointment.
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