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My name is Kaia, I’m a Freelancer & full-time nurse based in Oldenburg, Germany. I started my creative journey pretty young, drawing my favorite characters and spending my free-time ‘role-playing’ as them with my friends. My journey led me to find my favorite hobby, tabletop-roleplaying, my passion for drawing and the dream to one day create my own worlds & characters.

Patreon as a platform and my patrons as individuals have a huge part in motivating me to create and build my Projects. While working a full-time job and being a freelancer can be exhausting, knowing there are actual people out there who are eager to see me grow and create makes me really happy. Maybe you can be part of my journey to become a full-time Illustrator. Who knows?
You will get an exclusive look behind the scenes of how I start an Illustration, can peek into my various sketchbooks and share your thoughts. You can watch me try and sometimes fail at new techniques and art supplies, see how characters are created and be a part of new tabletop campaigns I’ll develop.
It's almost like a secret club! 

Unknown Gods 
...is a Project I started in 2019. It's a 12 Illustration series featuring gods & goddesses of different religions portrayed with different pop cultural influences.

As my first long-time running tabletop campaign is coming to an end, I’ll compile all the data and research I’ve done and will share it with you. There will also be some Illustrations for locations, characters, friends, foes and important plot-points. As this is a more specialized interest updates will be rare but big.

What is Patreon?
Patreon as a platform gives people like me (artist, musicians, writers & creators in general) a way of sharing content with people like you, who would like to support us. You can think of it like a tip jar! To continue my journey to become a full-time artist I’d like to build up a portfolio and Patreon is an awesome platform to engage with my community. I can share exclusive behind-the-scenes content with you, as well as sketches, tutorials, time-lapse videos and art supply tests. If you have questions about Patreon as a platform, you can probably find your answer in their FAQ. If there’s anything else you’d like to know or share with me, you can message me anytime!

Please note:
Tiers can change, they might be edited to include other rewards or dropped entirely. If that's the case I will inform patrons well ahead of time. And if there's anything you would like to see, just drop me a message.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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