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Become a supporter and give a little to the stream. This will give you the Merchant title on Discord and my thanks for helping me along!

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  • Access to the Royalty Only Discord room.
  • Sneak peek photos of the upcoming Schedule
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  • My undying love.
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Hi Guys!
Thanks for coming, it means you're thinking about supporting me and the stream!

I can't thank you enough for even just being here... but THANK YOU!

Every Dollar given goes to helping me do two things: Stream MORE and BETTER.

But I don't expect you to give me money for free ;). As well as the regular content I provide to everyone on my twitch you get the following at certain levels:
- You as a patron will have early access to all videos I schedule on youtube
- You will have access to my schedule 2 days in advance
- You will have the ability to request one game a month that I will endeavor to fit into the stream schedule!
- A Custom role on Discord.
- Unique QnA Sessions where you can ask me anything you like.
- Private rooms on Discord
- Previewing future changes to the Stream
- Insight into how my mind works. (Dangery! ;) )
- And of course my everlasting love and devotion for being an awesome person!
0 of 25 patrons
Once I reach 25 Patrons. I will do a 12 hour stream dedicated to a voted upon game.
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