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I sift through the crazy thoughts in my head for the pearls hiding in the trash and transcribe them to the page or screen so others can share my madness. Primarily focusing on horror and urban fantasy, I take occasional side trips into westerns, romance, historical fiction, sci-fi and video game reviews. Most of what I write goes to my blog or Wattpad for free (if it doesn't wind up in the recycling bin, anyway).

I like to think of myself as being a little different and that I bring a unique perspective to the table, with a background that includes witches, abuse, a varied education in fields ranging from private investigation to criminal psychology to computer programming to motorcycle repair, a work history that has gone from retail register biscuit to assembly line worker to video production to manager of a television station and a voracious appetite for books, learning and education on nearly any subject. There's nothing out there that isn't somehow ripe for storytelling seeds, and I love digging through all of it.

Thanks to folks like yourselves, I've had the opportunity to go from a stolen typewriter and Mario fanfiction to worldbuilding with presidential zombies while staring out my second-floor window. That's a great accomplishment, and I thank everyone who's helped me get this far.
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I have a YouTube channel, and I hope to put it to better use than the occasional share from LittleBigPlanet and categorizing the videos I "liked." Alas, editing software is not as easy or cheap as it used to be, and that Adobe subscription adds up.
With a bit of help from you folks, I can get more serious with that medium, and put more production effort into video work. Things like book trailers, dramatic readings, maybe even little indie-film versions of some of my short stories
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