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About KaiserBeamz

Hello there!

First off, thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page! Chances are you are familiar with me and are a regular viewer of my videos and for that, I am incredibly thankful. However, if you would like to help this little channel grow, well here's the place to do it!

Who am I?

My name is KaiserBeamz, but please call me KB for short. I am the creator of the video series Kyoto Video. Kyoto Video is a video series devoted to the in-depth discussion, analysis and history of anime from the past.

By pledging, you'll be directly supporting the creation of all future videos in that series.

Why Back Me?
Making Kyoto Video is a very lengthy, time-consuming process that consist of researching, scripting, recording and editing a video. I do this all while holding down a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job. Plus, I'm pouring my own money into equipment, software and research for this video series. Your Patreon funds will help save me time and money and make the production process go a whole lot smoother.

But your Patreon dollars are not JUST going towards giving me peace of mind. They will also be going towards making this channel grow. The more you contribute, the more this channel can become better. I will be able to spend more on better equipment, channel art and anything else that can help me create better content for you, the viewer.

I might even be able to broaden my horizons as far as video topic go. I could do miniseries on animation topics outside of Japan or a miniseries devoted to an episode by episode analysis of a singular anime.

So please, feel free to toss me a couple of bucks. Even a $1 a month will help. Not only will you get new episodes of Kyoto Video, but you will also be a part of helping this channel become bigger on top of it. And trust me, I intend on keeping my promises.
94% complete
At this goal, I will figure that enough interest has been gauged that I can start a video essay mini-series on an animation topic I've had my heart set on. NOTE: It's not exactly anime related, but it is an important part of animation history. I might also start adding EXCLUSIVE CONTENT for the Patrons as thanks.
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