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About Kaisha S. Huguley

One of the compliments I get most often is "you always have such great stories." Receiving this compliment repeatedly has gotten my wheels spinning about how I could share these stories (as well as fiction stories that I've written/will write) with the world.

We all love stories because of how powerful they can be. Stories have the power to change minds/hearts. Stories have the power to heal. Stories inspire. Stories transform. Maya Angelou once said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." In the spirit of Ms. Angelou, I'd rather take the agony free route and share these stories with the world.

As an independent creator, financial support goes a long way in making it possible for creative projects to come to life. I am currently a full-time actor/entrepreneur seeking additional financial support so that the ideas in my notebook don't just live between those pages and find their way out into the world.

Your financial support will make it possible for me to:
-Create high-quality weekly content (Podcast episodes, YouTube Videos, Blog Posts)
-Upgrade video/audio/lighting equipment used to create content (as needed)
-Work with other creators with specialty knowledge in areas I do not specialize
(For example, video/photo editing)
-Birth special projects beyond weekly content (theatre productions, short films, web series, etc.)

Thank you for stopping by my patreon page! I hope you will join me along this journey of bringing creative and meaningful stories to life.
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