is creating streams, video content, and going to medical school oh boy

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  • Monthly Patreon series: Games of the Month!
  • Monthly nostalgic game vote: name a game from your childhood you'd like to see played. I'll upload the stream too so you don't miss it!
  • 2-4 exclusive vlogs a month on things ranging from what's going on behind the scenes, trips to conventions like Blizzcon, or about why this 17" gaming laptop and PC just arrived at my apartment.  🤔 
  • Access to the Patreon message board to post whatever (unless it's the sound of Koalas fighting ;D) you desire and participate in deciding content
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Monthly candid AMA and TV night! We decide on something to watch in the private Patreon discord channel a week beforehand and then watch it. Feel free to join us on voice chat with or without a mic :)

P.S. Also feel free to also ask me anything in the discord voice channel! This started off as an AMA but you guys suck at asking questions so now we primarily watch Star Trek. Update: Now we primarily watch Sci-fi movies. Wow really switching it up. (Kappa)

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Monthly Patreon drinking stream games! This includes Overwatch and JackBox (you do not need to own JackBox to play :))

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Fair heads up - I win a LOT ;)

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About Kaitlyn


I'm kaitlyn and I'm going to redo this page but I'm in Italy right now. Stay tuned, maybe I'll do it on stream. Well... I have time to kill before I have to go to the airport, so I'll just re-write this for now.

The purpose of this Patreon is twofold, with both reasons involving medical school:
1. School loans do not take my streaming expenses into account. Therefore, the amount of aid that I can apply for is greatly reduced as according to the government, I am Scrooge McDuck and should eat my gaming PC if I need more funds. Medical school is expensive: my tuition is about $30,000 yearly. 

2. I really enjoy creating different mediums of content, and specifically videos about games or things I'm inspired by (e.g. my Italy Roman History vlog series, although that's also connected to games. Whoops). Spending time on this is difficult to manage with streaming and medical school. This Patreon not only pushes me to create content that I've always wanted to make my existing, but also helps offset the time it takes away from streaming.

I'll still be adding more reward tiers but it's a slow process because it's very important to me that I create fair rewards that I can deliver monthly (e.g. not a one-off $50 reward tier) and that do not take away from benefits I provide elsewhere (e.g. free Youtube videos, regular Twitch streams, Twitch subscriber benefits, Discord perks, and so forth). 

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me for all these years, whether through views, words of encouragement, or by helping me finance medical school. This has been the best experience in my life. Thank you. <3

p.s. at $6969/month I will change my stream to a pure MGS2 stream and submit my application to OuterHeaven 
$188.29 of $1,000 per month
Will have outdoor/nature/public space streams that month! Want to explore the harsh Canadian winters or go on a Timmies run but like, you'd rather watch someone on Twitch do it? I'm your person!
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