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If you use my watermarked images from Facebook and just want to help support me as a thanks, this is the one! 

Note: You will not be receiving special content through Patreon with this subscription! It is only as a way to say thank you. 

Kaity's Pics: Early Non-Watermark Images
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This subscription is for images of essential oils and products!

Please be aware that you will be charged the day you sign up and AGAIN on the 1st of the next month. If it's close to the next month, I suggest waiting to sign up so you don't get charged twice super close together. You have been warned!! ;) 

Get exclusive access to all future images non-watermarked and watermarked for your personal business use. 

-Will only include images created while you are an active patron. You may keep the images you previously downloaded as an active patron if you were to quit your subscription. 

-May include sets of previously watermarked images created before I started this Patreon account, printables, and other marketing materials! 

-Exclusive content that will not be released anywhere else.

-Each set of images will include a secret download link for you to utilize! Each download link expires one month after it was published. 

-Anywhere from 100-1000 images per month.

-Add your own business information to these non-watermarked images if you'd like to protect others from taking the images you paid for (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Even better? Add your order site to the images!! 

-Images will be available for download with and without watermarks for you to decide how to use them. Without watermarks- personal business and printing. With watermarks- public web  

-Images will be given FIRST to patrons (this subscription) then will be released as a watermarked version for free 1 week later on www.facebook.com/groups/siaraspics and www.siaraspics.pixieset.com. This is the only place to receive access to non watermarked images. 

-Full weeks of content will be posted once a week on Monday. 

-PixieSet and Dropbox links included in each post

-All copyrights to images belong to Kaity Whitman. Kaity Whitman releases limited access to these images for paid patrons: 


-Add words to the images

-Make collages

-Add your own business information (highly recommended)

-Personal business use only.  

-Post on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

-YOU CANNOT SELL THESE IMAGES or any product including these images including but not limited to: books, brochures, downloads, or collages. You CAN however make your own personal use products for print or online use, you just cannot sell them.  

-For personal business use only. You cannot share the non watermarked images on anywhere other than your own business location. DO NOT share these non watermarked images in any form to any graphics groups, team groups, public domains in which they can be taken, or to any other Distributors. They may be shared with customers only. If you'd like to share the images in a more public setting or to other Distributors, it must be with my personal watermark intact.  

-YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for downloading and personally archiving the images before they expire. Non watermarked images will not be available again after their expiration date.  

Basic Rundown for Patrons: 

Watermarked Images: You can add your watermark alongside mine and share anywhere as long as you are an active Patron. 

Non-watermarked Images: Regardless if you put your watermark on my non-watermarked images you can only use them for your personal business. Do not share in graphics groups, to your teams, or to any other Distributors. If you run a large public setting group/Pinterest etc that a lot of Distributors follow you and may use or take your images, please keep my watermark intact. 




Hi! My name is Kaity Whitman, I'm Siara's sister-in-law! I also LOVE photographing products and sharing those images with others. I first became very successful as a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Northwest Arkansas. Today I focus on natural light product photography and creating unique marketing materials. I am not affiliated with any company (I am not a distributor!) I'm here to offer images for those who may be interested.

By becoming a patron you help support the continued creation of my images.
Thank you for joining me on my photography journey!

Need to know more about your subscription? Read the description on this main page :)


**We do not claim to be doctors. Please seek advice from a healthcare professional before ingesting or using any essential oils.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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