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About Kalamity

We are Kalamity, a service hip hop dance team based out of St. George, Utah. This is our mission statement and what we work to achieve as a team..."We are Kalamity at The Vault Dance Studio, brought together as a team and family by the hand of God. To further and to use our talents to support, love, and strengthen those who stand in need of their own personal life calamities. As we stand for something bigger than ourselves, let us conduct ourselves in a manner of positive attitude, hard work, and service in our every day lives. Let us never forget the reasons we are blessed with talents, which is never for ourselves, but for the blessing and the benefit of another."

By being a Patron to Kalamity you would be helping us in maintaining our studio as our home for Kalamity, help us in providing scholarships for our dancers, and help us in our goal of supporting different people, as our causes, in the community!

We REALLY appreciate any love and support we get in our quest to change the world, one 'kalamity' at a time!

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