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Who I am?
I am a product manager with background in programming. I am creating #BooksByWomen at thebooksbywomen.com, curating a list of books written by women, especially in the tech/business category as a side project. I'd like to carve out the time to dedicate some time to regularly curate the list and your could help me.

What I am doing
I read Cathy O’Neils book on algorithms: Weapons of Math Destruction, I absolutely loved it. It resonated with me on a lot of insights I was seeing myself in my career. So I paid attention to women authors in my network and there are so many that never would have reached me through traditional marketing and social media if I hadn’t sought them out specifically. This is why I am curating and maintaining this list and want it to succeed.

What I want to do
What I would ideally want to do:
  • Create a page to honor my supporters
  • Publish regular bi-weekly interview with women authors about their journey
  • Publish featured books based on common themes, coming up
  • Create a browser extension where this content can be shared effectively
I do hold a fulltime job, so carving out time would be a challenge, any support helps.
You can also support me most directly by visiting the site and buying some books from awesome female authors, I make a small affiliate commission from Amazon.
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