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$1 or more per short story 455 patrons
Get a digital download of each month's story in .mobi, .epub and PDF format, and your name listed in the acknowledgements.
$2 or more per short story 170 patrons
Draft chapters! Deleted scenes! Kick in a buck more and you get a story a month PLUS a new draft chapter of a current work or deleted scene from a prior work every time a story drops. See new book chapters before anyone else!  
$3 or more per short story 94 patrons
Get the above, plus access to up to a real-time writing video of each story (up to 60 min). Here’s one from Brandon Sanderson. This level delivers an inside look at how I write and revise as I go, and how first drafts become polished drafts. Videos are exclusive to subscribers-only for 12 months.
$5 or more per short story 194 patrons
Get all of the above, plus access to a subscribers-only video of me walking through each month's story page-by-page and discussing the process of creating it (like a DVD talk track). Find out where ideas came from, discuss worldbuilding, structure, pacing, and what I learned. Videos are exclusive to subscribers-only for 12 months.
$7 or more per short story 31 patrons
LOVE AUDIO BOOKS? This tier is for YOU! Get everything at the prior levels, plus access to an audio file of the month's story, read by yours truly. 
$10 or more per short story 78 patrons
In addition to the above, you’ll receive a pep-talk email from me every month– about life,  writing, painting, crafts, and various rants, with links to things I think are cool (including great books).
$15 or more per short story 22 patrons
In addition to everything at prior levels, you'll get access to a monthly video where I answer common writing questions. These can be questions  folks at this level ask each month on the workshop post I set up every month, or just ones that I see a lot if we don't have enough to fill time (tho you all know I can fill time). Think of it like a budget writing workshop membership!  
$25 or more per short story 25 of 100 patrons
In addition to rewards at tiers above, you'll receive 2 chapbooks a year, each featuring a single short story I’ve written for Patreon that year. These will be signed and mailed in July and December, approximately.
$50 or more per short story 6 of 125 patrons
EXTRA CHAPBOOK! Love the chapbooks? Huge collector? Receive all of the above and an ADDITIONAL chapbook each year, every March. So you'll get your chapbooks in March, July and December, approximately.
$75 or more per short story 2 of 5 patrons
Get rewards from all above tiers, PLUS an ORIGINAL PAINTING every month (capped at 5).  I've been painting a LOT of Bob Ross-style paintings. I can't guarantee you they are GOOD. But each is unique and original and signed by me. Feel free to sign up at this level once or twice a year to get your original painting and then just knock it back down after you get it. I won't mind! Note: art won't ship until payment goes through each month.  
$125 or more per short story 4 of 5 patrons
SKYPE SESSION! (really) Pledge at this level and get everything up to the $50 level plus a 30 minute audio-only Skype session with me every time a story drops. This is your time to ask about whatever you like. We can discuss story structure, whisky, plot hiccups, Chipotle, or writing hacks. Your choice! Limited to 5 folks.
$500 or more per short story 0 of 20 patrons
BE A HERO! Get everything at tiers above AND a free signed paper copy of every book I publish each year outside of  Patreon. I generally get author copies a month  before books are released, so you’ll get them before everyone else! Each package will contain a handwritten thank you note.