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People asked me to join Patreon. Here I am. I run and maintain Piperka, a web comic tracking and bookmarking service.

Piperka is and will remain free to use but if you want to contribute, I'm not opposed to money. Though a part of me still wants to tell to go give to web comic authors instead, I have a salary and there would be no Piperka with no comics.

I have expenses running Piperka and if this thing gets big enough, I may find ways to dedicate more time for maintaining Piperka. It's a single man show and my own time is the main constraint for seeing it go forward.

At this point, I'm not promising any particular rewards, return or special treatment if you do contribute. If I ever get to dedicate time for Piperka thanks to this, I'll keep you posted on what I'm doing with it.
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