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Let's be honest, there's very little that we can offer you in terms of rewards that would truly make becoming a Patron "worth your money".

Hopefully I haven't totally missed the mark with this assumption. If you're signing up to become our patron, you're probably doing it because you care about us. You want to see our adventure continue, and not because of the rewards we're offering.

With that said, below is an attempt to give you a few extra "perks" for becoming a Patron.

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We don't always have time to reply to every comment on YouTube, but we do our absolute best to respond to each and every comment/question we receive here on Patreon page and in our private Facebook Group (more on that below)

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Since launching our Patreon Page over 8 months ago, we've learned that a private Facebook group is the best way to facilitate conversation and community with our patrons! We can't wait for you to join us!

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Every couple months we'll hangout together via Facebook Live. During these hangouts you can ask any and all of your burning questions, and we'll answer them live. We can also just chat about our favorite destinations. The direction of the conversation is total up to you (our patrons)!

The fact that anyone would give us money to continue this amazing adventure is a little mind blowing to us. We can't offer you much, but just know that you have our utmost gratitude. 

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You won't receive any additional rewards for becoming a patron at this level. It's silly to think that we could reward you for this level of generosity. If you're considering become a patron at this level, all we can offer you (in addition to the rewards above) is sincere thank you for the bottom of our hearts!




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January 10, 2016 we left to travel the world full-time for a year. It wasn't an easy decision to quit our jobs, put all of our stuff in storage, and leave our friends and family. But we knew we'd never regret it. We wanted to document it in some way, so we decided to share this adventure through daily vlogs on YouTube.

We had no clue how much that decision would change our lives. We've now uploaded almost 500 videos and developed an amazing community on YouTube.

This adventure was originally supposed to last one year... But here we are 2+ years later, and we've made it our personal goal to visit 100 countries before Nate turns 30 (March 20, 2019). 

We debated for a LONG time about whether or not we should create a page here on Patreon. The personal battle we went through ultimately boiled down to the value we felt like we were creating. I think a lot of creative people undervalue the work they do and the impact that it can have on people's lives. Kara and I definitely did.

We didn't realize the impact our videos were having on other people's lives until we started receiving messages that said we were inspiring people to live a more positive life, encouraging people to travel internationally for the first time, and even strengthening people's marriage and family time through our videos! 

The idea that our fun travel videos could have such an impact on people's lives still blows our minds! We've never done anything that has had this big of an impact on so many people, and we want to keep it going. This brings us so much joy, and we're not ready for it to end.

If you've made it this far, thank you! We know not everyone who reads this will have the disposable income to become a patron, and we in no way "expect" you to contribute financially. We're more than grateful for any and all the support we receive.

While we're offering a few extra "rewards" to those of you who decide to become patrons, we still need everyone's support to continue this journey. If you can't or don't want to become a patron, we'll be just as happy to have your continued support on YouTube by watching, liking, commenting, and sharing our videos :)


Kara and Nate

P.S. Still have questions about Patreon? Check out this fancy video they made.

$500 – reached! per VLOG
Y'all are the best! Let's keep this adventure going!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 529 exclusive posts
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