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About Dojo Surplus - The Karate Doctor

Why Make Karate Videos?

Don't the name "Karate Doctor" (or the fact that I wear a gi) fool you. Dojo Surplus is about more than just karate, it is about all martial arts.

The main goal I have with Dojo Surplus is to create an online space to educate people around the world, not just about karate, but about all martial arts. I started this company to share my experiences and my love of martial arts.

The videos I make won’t focus on just karate or just training, they will all encompassing of the martial arts life. Videos on topics like health, competition, exercise, diet, training, character, sparring, self-defense (and more!) will be made. I’ll even make videos on the history, religious, and cultural aspects of martial arts from around the world.

Why Make Martial Arts Products?

To support my passion for making videos, of course! I’ll be using Dojo Surplus as an online store to sell all things martial arts. It will be small to start out, but as the community grows, the store will grow. Many products will come from top level brands you know and love, so that the store can serve as a singular place to select from the top brands.

Other products will be sourced ourselves as original Dojo Surplus products. It is my goal that every product that makes it onto the website for sale will be held to the highest standard of quality and that Dojo Surplus would be the most trusted name in the industry.

Why Patreon, How Can You Help?

We saw a need for a way to support our content production (which is the primary focus of Dojo Surplus) and I knew that as the community grew many people will want to support and be a part of the martial arts videos we are making. 

That’s why I chose to start a Patreon. To create a way early on to support and be part of the video production and to create a long term method of engagement with viewers and fans. Support me on Patreon and be part of the next big thing in martial arts. Thanks!

Who is the Karate Doctor

My name is Brian Duncan, aka the “Karate Doctor”, and I am lifelong martial arts. I started studying karate when I was 4 years old (thanks to my rather early obsession with Power Rangers), and I love all things martial arts (especially karate).

I am a board certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and currently practice with a small acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic in Michigan. I hold the rank of Nidan in Koei-Kan Karate, am an instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and I have a blue belt in Brazillian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

I have always strived to pass on the knowledge and love that I have to each of my karate and Wing Chun students. Now, I want to share that with everyone!

Thank you!

Thank you for being part of this exclusive group of people from around the world that share a common love for martial arts. Together we can build the best resource for martial artists to learn, share, and grow.
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I’m writing a book! At least, I’m trying to. This book is a historical overview of different martial arts around the world, showing how historically all martial arts where “mixed” with striking and grappling. It also sets out to make case for the different reasons someone might train in martial arts.

At $100 per month, I can set aside enough time to write this book and hopefully have enough funds to get a print and e-book version together. I’ll be putting up a lot of early access content for this book, on Patreon.
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