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Hi! I'm Karen.

I am currently working on A LOT of projects that are in need of support, as well as a bunch of much needed renovations and additions to my studio. My sets are very elaborate, time consuming and costly, and sometimes my work is held back because I do not have the proper funding for various scopes of work. Please consider becoming a patron if you enjoy my photos- any amount is greatly appreciated!

I have prints available at my website, and can always be booked for shoots! I even have a monthly themed popup event at my studio. This can all be found 

I'm happy to answer any questions!

You may be wondering to yourself, "what is this?" 
If you’re familiar with the term “patron,” chances are you’ve just recalled a history or literature class. In Europe, kings, queens, the aristocracy and members of the Royal Court were often patron of the arts, providing artists, musicians, poets, sculptors, and other such talented individuals, with financial support in exchange for the prestige these donations often granted them. These donations were often used by patrons to endorse their own social position or political ambitions. In fact, if you do your research, you’ll find that patronage dates back to the Ancient Romans. It looked a little different then, but the purpose of endorsement still served a similar purpose.

This is a place where you can be a patron to me, if you believe in me and my work.
This is for those of you who would like to support creators like me who consistently create stuff that you want to see more of. Your much-needed help will allow me to create images on a consistent basis.

WHY BE A PATRON? Because you REALLY enjoy viewing what I've already created, and believe in what I will create in the future. You recognize the sacrifice and hard work put into my images, and understand that it's an uphill struggle to be a self-sustaining artist. You pay to see movies, right? Well, this is the same thing- only it's photos.

Creating my images is not only hard work, but at times, very expensive. Travel, equipment, travel, props, materials- all these costs add up, and sometimes makes my job hard on me (after all, creating images is my job, but I sometimes don't get paid to do what I do). For example, my recent "colors" series is quite time and money consuming. I completely re-paint my tiny studio room with every shoot, along with furniture. Each shoot requires 2 gallons of paint, which is around 60-70 dollars total. Furniture and props can run anywhere from 50-100, and wardrobe can run just as much. Most of the time, I lose money creating my art. Every little donation helps me to continue to create images. Even a dollar is much appreciated!!!

 Patrons will get access to special prints sales, content seen only here, and behind the scenes videos of my shoots, including some of my tips and tricks. I'd like to share the magic exclusively with patrons who support my work. Want to know how I set up my shoot? The entire process? How I come up with ideas? You can also interact with me and ask questions about my shoots, that I will happily answer. Thank you for the support!

21% complete
This goal will help me produce content that I could only dream of  by helping me with travel, props, supplies and equipment. I am also working towards publishing a book of my images!
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