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I would love to give each $50 patron a print of an oil painting captured in Eastern Washington just before the fires this summer. The Eastern part of our state is burning up and that is deeply concerning to me. Thoughts of renewal- is it possible? Nature is fierce and she will come back if we care for her. If you support me at $50 a month, I will be able to go back to Eastern Washington this coming season to bring artistic self care skills to children needing images of renewal. I will send a new print of renewal every three months.
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I would like to offer a thank you gift of a small original 8 x 10 painting. This will be a one time gift rather than a monthly thank you, but it will be heartfelt. I paint small color studies before I work on a large surface and I'd like to share one of these with you.
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I would like to offer a thank you gift of an 11 x 14 original oil painting. This will be a heartfelt gift for your support - you will be able to choose your painting from my website. I will even send you photos of pieces I have lying around the studio so you can pick from my secret stash. 




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About Karen Luke Fildes

It's a painting, a sketch, an attempt to capture something that stimulates my sense of wonder to the point of needing to honor it somehow.  And to help others to see something or someone in a different light- breaking the boundaries of judgement.  Some of my works might be written discoveries from my work as a nanny or a caretaker of children.  (No names of course.)  They are sections in a book I'd like to assemble- compiling art, music and nature exercises- balm for some behavior quirks that come with modern day OCDs.  But mainly, I want to be accountable to paint, sketch, write this stuff out as I am giving myself time to manifest some of my own creative works.  One thing a day.  I just basically hope for some time to see this through- this series of works that have been gestating. I am learning something significant about the innocent presence in our lives... The peculiar places where truth hides. I'll probably obsess on finding ways to make it easier for children of loss have the opportunity to explore art as self care. This matters to me. But the one thing I know with all of the crazy endeavors I take on for children is that I need to paint to sustain myself. My own quirks require it, and I sink without this discipline of self care. But it's more than self care, it's living to see the next beautiful thing.
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I am exploring patterns of renewal and will be stretching myself beyond my comfort zone with one new large work per month. Currently I am observing the patterns of death and renewal when looking into urban riparian waters. During this season of twelve new large works, I am hoping to bring my talks and workshops on renewal to spread the word of care for our urban waters.
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