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G'day patrons!

My name is Dr. Karen Stollznow and I'm an Australian-American linguist, author, teacher, and researcher.

I wear lots of different hats. (But never those hats with the cork dangling from the brim.)

Here is just some of the work that I do...

Podcasting: I host the show Monster Talk with my colleague Blake Smith. Since 2009, we have interviewed scientists, experts, and enthusiasts about all different kinds of monsters of fact and legend. Monster Talk has an archive of nearly 200 episodes. We've covered Bigfoot, yeti, werewolves, lake monsters, vampires, zombies, ghosts, alien big cats, demons, extraterrestrials, real creatures, medical monsters, and theories about modern-day dinosaurs.

Independent research: I study applied topics in semantics and other areas of sociolinguistics, especially prejudice and discrimination in language. I produce academic papers and books, including Language Mysteries, Myths and Magic. My forthcoming book is On the Offensive: Prejudice in Language Past and Present (CUP).

Author: I've published several non-fiction books and works of fiction, including novels and short stories. My non-fiction includes God Bless America and Would You Believe It?My fiction includes the novel Hits & Mrs and the short stories Room for One More: Lord Dufferin's Tale, The Legend of the Screaming Skull, I Am Me, and Welcome Home. I also have a background in history and many of my stories delve into history and folklore. 

Writer: I write articles and blog about language, linguistics, and culture. I've also written numerous pieces about anomalous phenomena from a scientific perspective, including ghosts, psychics, urban legends, and other related paranormal topics. I've written for Fortean Times, Psychology Today, Australasian Science, Scientific American Mind and many other publications.

I'm working on multiple projects concurrently, including academic papers, several research-based books, and short stories, not to mention my ongoing articles and podcasting. However, all of my work involves a tremendous amount of research and I do all of this work on my own dime, working as an adjunct teacher and consultant to help fund my work.

Your kind support enables me to continue my important research and creative endeavors.

Thank you!

Karen xo
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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