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About Karianne Spens-Hanna

Welcome to my Patreon page! Thank you in advance for taking the time to see what I am about and what I have to offer you. I am an art therapist, a singer/songwriter, and visual artist who specializes in painting, drawing, and sculpture. My work is about finding a connection and healing...connecting people to one another, connecting humanity to the environment, connecting stories, finding threads of synchronicity with paint, charcoal, and songwriting. 

Artists are culture creators. We use our craft to make sense of the world, to question, to answer, to influence, reflect, challenge, and inspire. We provide a service to the public by producing work and encouraging vital dialogue. Think of what the world would be like without artists. Think of what the world would be without musicians and without music. Pretty bland, eh? The thing is, we cannot do it alone. Artists need support. We need backers. We need people to believe and trust in what we do so we can continue thriving and pushing our work forward. The important relationship between artists and patrons is not a new concept and dates back to the Renaissance. Michelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel without the help of a patron.   

So, I'm here to ask for your help. By being one of my patrons you will have access to personal, in-depth information regarding my studio practice. You can purchase limited edition prints and new artwork before is has been exhibited. Also, you can hear unreleased songs and receive intimate insight into my songwriting process. You will also have me as a resource. I want to help inspire you and create a positive, supportive community online through my art and therapy practices. 

As an art therapist, I provide safe spaces and creative outlets to various populations including children in the foster care system, adolescents within the juvenile justice system, and hospital patients. I also work with adults dealing with substance abuse, homelessness, and mental illness. Like any other mental health provider, this line of work requires an incredible amount of self-care, and for me, this comes in the form of making music and art. 

Since I began singing, could hold a guitar, and reach the piano keys, I have been crafting sounds. Music has been an incredibly important outlet for me over the years and now weaves itself into my healing practice with others. Diving deeper into this part of my essence by recording and sharing this gift is a deep aspiration of mine. I would love to take you along with me on my recording journey. By being a Patron, you can help me further my musicianship and be part of the creation of music that intends to heal and help.   

 If you want to support my artistry and healing practice, become a patron. Perhaps you may not be able to commit to purchasing artwork, but believe in what I'm doing and would like to contribute to my ongoing studio practice. Maybe you want to be involved in helping others heal through art making or want more resources about art therapy, or even want to try it yourself. Let's help each other! 

I'm already doing the work, but I can do more with your support. I would like my page to be a place of sharing, connecting stories, and a safe community to exchange ideas, time, and energy. Being one of my patrons is how you can help me, help you, and help others.

My sustainability results in creating stronger, healthier communities through art making. Whether it's with at-risk youth or adults dealing with mental illness, your contributions will help me and ultimately help them. I greatly value your participation in my journey and look forward to all the places we will go!

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