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Karibu is an entertainment journalism website with the aim of changing the face of millennial media through ethical, reliable, non-partisan news coverage, as well as world-class original content covering the areas of music, film, TV, and games. As excited as we are about our original multimedia content, such as our live video band sessions and weekly podcasts, we need your help to produce it, particularly while we're still getting on our feet as a company.

I started Karibu because I was sick of millennial-oriented entertainment sites indulging in stale, predictable grievance-mongering and dreary identity politics, rather than talking about the content itself. I wanted to start a site that will celebrate the best in popular culture, as well as actively participating in that culture through formidable original content.

A great deal of this content has already been produced, at our own expense. At the time of writing, our video content costs has cost far more to create than it brings us through income. We think this is a price worth paying, because the content is so good that we're hugely proud to put our name to it. Still, we can't operate like this indefinitely - none of us come from wealthy backgrounds, and, like everyone else, we have bills to pay - as do our writers, camera crew, and backroom staff. We would love to be in a position where our content is financially supported by our beautiful followers, without the need for more traditional means such as sponsorship. We need your help to get there.

All funds raised through Patreon will go towards the ongoing upkeep of Karibu, whether that's paying our contributors, the tech staff who produce our original content, or simply to keep an office roof over our heads.

We will be posting Patreon updates on a regular basis, including sneak previews of some of our original video content, to give you a better idea of what we're all about and keep you all updated as to where we are on our journey.

Ultimately, we want to be up there with the big hitters of millennial entertainment media, bringing passion, integrity, and reason to the debate. This is the very start of our journey, but we have a long way to go. We hope that you'll help to get us there. Thank you.
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Office Upgrade

Out of necessity, Karibu has had to start life in a small incubator space, where we have access to only 2 desks. Our first-and-foremost goal is to upgrade our office to a larger space in order to house more writers and other staff, as well as a modest space to hold production meetings and our weekly podcasts and some of our video content.
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