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About Karie S. Adair

Who Am I?

My name is Karie, and I'm a writer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I live at home with my spouse of nearly nine years and our pet cat. While I work a full-time job as a graphic designer and technical writer, my real passion is for writing short romantic, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction - some intended to titillate, and all intended to fascinate. I'm the author of the short story Each to Each on the website Archive of Our Own, which I am proud to say has gotten rave reviews from delighted readers there.

What Do You Write?

I tell a number of kinds of stories, and it's a bit hard to categorize them, as they tend to cross boundaries of genres and themes. I like to play with sci-fi and fantasy romance stories, especially ones centered on queer audiences. As a queer, transgender woman myself, its hard to find fiction out there that caters to my tastes and features characters that resemble myself and my relationships. I intend to contribute what I can to expanding the universe of LGBT genre fiction.
I also love to play with a variety of themes, from the horror and, at times, the awe and mystery of being swallowed alive by strange monsters and loving creatures, to the wonder of being transformed into new forms of life from within the archives of the imagination; from the power of revolutionary action to tear down corruption and evil, to the magic of awakening to one's truest self; my passion is to create fantastic worlds and powerful stories that will grab your attention from the first to the last page.

What is This For?

This Patreon is designed to support my creative writing, and help make it financially viable for me to tell more stories from the worlds that I've created. From an alternate Earth in the Victorian Era filled with romance of women falling in love with other women, to alien worlds with strange beings weaving a tapestry of novel cultures, to a city of Crossroads that twist and loop around on themselves, telling stories has been my passion for much of my life. The money that you contribute each month to support me makes it possible for me to keep going.

What Do I Get?

My goal is to post two to four bits of writing every month. Which is no small feat considering that I've struggled to consistently create writing or art for almost two years now. But having an excited audience makes it easier to do what I do, and even if that audience is a small one, having that encouragement on a regular basis will give me the strength to press onward.
I hope you'll enjoy my work, and contribute to support what I do, and I look forward to your comments in the weeks and months ahead!
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I'll be able to consistently commit to my goal of 2-4 short stories or chapters per month! Also, you'll be buying half my groceries for the month! I like food. Who doesn't?
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