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Thank you for supporting and nourishing our unique journey exploring the essence and experience of the spirit of music, which will, in turn, hopefully nourish and deepen all of our individual ways of expression and experience of the musical spirit within all of us. Here are our exclusive offerings to all of our patrons:
  • The "Music Mind Monthly", that continues the journey started with the book, answering questions, exploring the Music Mind principles further in both practical and spiritual terms and dimensions. An exciting journey that is just getting underway.
  • Patron-only contact for communication with Karl and Ingrid.  We'll do our best to respond to all relevant communications from you.
  • In addition we are offering what we call our Active Archive, starting with recordings from the early 1960s to the new millennium, many out-of-print, award-winning recordings with some of the greatest improvisers around and stretching to a new and continuously growing body of recordings from our Sertso Studio in Woodstock NY, many yet unreleased and only made available to our Patrons.        
  • Month-by-month we will add to the rare archive of past releases that will become available to our Patrons in popular and easily downloadable formats     

Tier 2: For those that want more

Limited (81 of 100 remaining)
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All of the offerings of Tier 1, plus
  • E-book version of Karl's new book "The Music Mind Experience: Playing-Listening-Singing-Moving”
  • Every two to three months we will produce new compilations of music from the past and present, that we now feel being perfect choices for mood-oriented musical experiences. They will not be available anywhere else
  • All articles, columns, and interviews by Karl & Ingrid as they are published internationally (including the monthly column for the German magazine "Jazz Podium")
  • Month-by-month we will add lead-sheets of songs by Karl and Ingrid, manuscripts arrangement of music, and texts from earlier columns building a collection not found anywhere else.
  • Monthly new recordings (piano mostly) by Karl that are works-in-progress, illuminating the process of free harmonic improvisation
  • Hi-resolution (.wav or aiff) versions of our out-of-print recordings, up to 90 minutes of music per months, by request. These tracks will be of the original quality, sometimes even enhanced through re-mastering in our studio (Note: If these recordings are available elsewhere at all, they are usually in lo-res formats. The hi-res downloads will be exclusively available to our Patrons and not offered anywhere else.
  • Request specific written scores of compositions by Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso. Note: We will do our best to make scores and hi-res recordings available to you within 3-6 weeks. Hi-res (.wav files) will be sent via WeTransfer to your email address)

Tier 3: Inner Circle of Supporters

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You are the creative force that enables us to evolve! With your generous support you make it possible for us to produce new works and compilations. Thank you for your exceptional appreciation and continued support of our work. There is plenty yet to harvest from our many years of preparation. Your benefits include: 
  • Personal email and phone communication. 
  • Live chats.
  • All new online and physical releases (CDs, DVDs, etc) will list your name as co-producer (with your permission)
  • Plus, of course, all benefits of Tier 1 and 2




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About Karl Berger & Ingrid Sertso

Welcome tothese brand-new Patreon pages that are offering opportunities of communication with Karl and Ingrid, not available anywhere else,  to explore 
(1) The Music Mind Experience (based on Karl's book)and
(2) Our Active Archive, the complete collection of recorded music, in their original versions and in new creative compilations, including monthly emerging new works, only available to our patrons. 
(3) Coaching and Conversations, one-on-one and small groups

(1) The Music Mind Experience
We want to provide resources for transforming your routines of playing and listening into deeper and more satisfying experiences. No matter your skill level, your style of music, your instrument, or whether you're an amateur or a pro, or an avid listener, your enjoyment, attention and confidence will grow in unexpected ways. Every patron receives the "Music Mind Monthly", continuing and expanding on the journey of Karl Berger's new book “The Music Mind Experience”,  transforming the way we listen and play
 -   expanding on the strategies outlined in “The Music Mind Experience”
  -   responding to questions
  -   adding new insights, points, and exercises, to empower your interpretation and improvisation, developing more satisfaction and confidence in your music

   -   expanding on the points outlined in “The Music Mind Experience”
   -   responding to questions
   -   adding new insights to deepen the listening experience
and reaching beyond:
 -   Life is Music: exploring Music Mind principles for leading a better life
   -   Exploring the spiritual dimension of Music Mind: Liberation through Sound

    It is through listening that you will be able to cultivate joy within your mind and make your mind stable. It is through listening that you will be able to cultivate wisdom and be able to remove ignorance     
    Dalai Lama

    The intuitive mind is a sacred gift. And the rational mind is a faithful server. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.           Albert Einstein

(2) Our Active Archive  

 a) our recorded music, eventually all of it, old, recent, released and unreleased + new productions, with new tracks, compositions, improvisations, and full CDs added weekly.
Each track will be individually posted and commented.
New music emerges as we speak, in collaboration with some of the greatest improvising instrumentalists that we are lucky to be musical friends with.
There are several recording studios in our Woodstock NY area, that are big enough to allow safe distance during these present restricted times. So great new music is emerging from month to month that we will share with you.  

    Only available to our Patrons:
-   unique musical creations, new compositions, unreleased sessions 
-   amazing recordings of the past 50-some years, mostly unavailable anywhere else, with some of the greatest improvisers of our time will be posted, with individual tracks commented and with new "theme" compilations of recordings. 
-   audio-visual communications, exclusively for our patrons 
-   each month we will be adding manuscripts, lead-sheets, facsimiles and printed music, photos, posters, comments, stories and more recordings to our active archive that will only be available here. The offerings will grow for quite some time to come

You might know us from our performance/recording work with improvisers like Don Cherry, David Izenzon, Dave Holland, Carlos Ward, Ed Blackwell, Lee Konitz, Nana Vasconcelos, Steve Gorn, Peter Apfelbaum, Ken Filiano, Billy Martin, just to name a few. 
Or you might know us from the now legendary Creative Music Studio, that we co-founded with Ornette in the 70s, and which is flourishing again in a second wave of workshop/performance activities ( www.creativemusic.org)

Coaching and Conversations

A small number of monthly coaching and conversations are available, concerning any aspect of your musical life.

Again, no matter your skill level, your style of music, your instrument, or whether you're an amateur or a pro, or an avid listener, we are excited to take you on the Music Mind journey and share our life's work with you in a lively creative process, that will take you to new horizons, for sure.

Thank you so much. Music always!

Ingrid & Karl

$1,000 - reached! per month
When we reach $1000 per month I will directly email 3 free live stream sessions of new music (solo and collaborations with other artists), not available anywhere else, to every patron of every tier (make sure to leave your email)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 78 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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