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The Karma Federation is a digital union of tech coops. Our goal is to democratize wealth with the internet.

Learning/Thinking Tool:
Social Listening Tool: Tickler (TBD)

Mission: Accelerate the world's transition to sustainable economics.

Vision draft:

  1. Learn more and provide value using Karma and Tickler. 
  2. Build communities and technologies that accelerate our collaborative learning and innovation.
  3. Prototype new, sustainable business models in service of sustainable economics. Democratize the ownership of technology.
  4. Democratize the cash flow of any assets that generate income. 
  5. Empower members of the people's political party to outcompete old money and render our current shit-show of a bicameral legislature obsolete.
  6. Lower the cost of universal unionization and nonviolent resistance efforts.
  7. Unite everyone under a common banner of compassion, gain control of our capital, and then politics, and then redistribute wealth as we usher forth an era of green automation whereby our dependence on human labor approaches zero, and where your bullshit job goes "poof" so you can spend time on your health, family, community, and self-actualization while robots handle our basic needs.
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