Karrie Pavish Anderson is creating a healthy brain! (and then lots of music!)

A Whole Latte Love

$5 /mo
For the amount of one latte each month, you can help Karrie heal her brain and get back to making music ASAP!

Get Well Lunch Bunch

$10 /mo
One lunch each month is on you! Bonus points for sending her a monthly note of encouragement!

Bare Necessities

$25 /mo
Help Karrie cover the basic monthly costs not covered by insurance.

Brain Boosters

$50 /mo
Give Karrie an extra brain boost, help her cover the costs of transportation to her medical appointments.

Fog Lifters

$100 /mo
With this monthly amount you'll help lift the fog over Karrie's recovery treatment! Clear those concussive cobwebs!

Ready & Steady

$150 /mo
Stabilize Karrie's daily progress and healing with this monthly amount of support.

Supercharged Strength

$250 /mo
Bolster her brain health by donating this amount monthly.

Valiant Victors

$500 /mo
This amount will close the monthly gap with huge strides towards 100% recovery.