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About Kata Kane

I'm a comics creator, illustrator & designer. I draw all-ages, middle reader & YA comics like ALTAR GIRL, GFFs: GHOST FRIENDS FOREVER, and ANA AND THE COSMIC RACE. I'm known as mommy aka mama by two incredible little humans and one precious pupper.

is a webcomic with story and art by me, Kata Kane!

Ashley Altars is a typical student with a major crush; Seth Charming died young in the 1920s... and each of them unwittingly holds one of the two keys to Heaven and Earth! Seth has come to Ashley's present day thanks to the Gemini Twin angels Sera & Cherry. Now supernatural forces are fighting for both of their keys, but Ashley's still got to deal with bullies, exams, and trying to get the handsome Adam Evenine to actually notice her. Life is tough for the Altar Girl.

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