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About Katarina Waters

Hello lovely people... thanks so much for checking out my new patreon page..! 
I'm Kat, a part-time professional wrestler (formerly WWE and Impact!), actress, writer, director... in short, just a person in pursuit of my creative inner life. My ultimate goal is to focus more on art, photography, writing, filmmaking...  and I want to share that journey with you..! 
So far the plan is to do a monthly photo shoot at a specific location or on a certain theme.  I may well have several ideas at once and ask you to help me decide, and of course I am always open to ideas..!
As we grow, I am looking forward to adding other projects, such as short films, videos, art projects and more.
I'm excited to make this an interactive experience and hope that you enjoy the process as much as I will- and please do let me know if you have any suggestions how to make this experience even better..! 
Much love...  Kat.  <3
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Once we reach 100 lovely patrons I will...  re-edit my previously unreleased, never before seen short film from ca. 2004- 'Welcome To Hell'..! And of course you guys will see it here first...
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