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About Kate Kuziakina

Hi :) ! I am Kate, a self-taught drummer
I create drum covers and post them on my YouTube channel.
My plan for Patreon is to improve my drumming skills to become a highly professional drummer and make perfect music videos.
Now my goal is to take
a series of individual classes on drumming

The problem:
  • There is no music school nearby - I live in a village. So, we have to find a tutor who can come to us
  • Rates of good tutors are high
  • Drum gear is expensive, especially in comparison with local salaries
  • My family help me very much. But it is not so easy to raise three children
  • Videos on YouTube does NOT give any earnings: I make drum covers of rock songs. According to the copyright laws, all money from ads goes to the copyright owners. I get NOTHING
Guarantees: All raised funds will be strictly intended for tuition fees and drums maintenance.

If you support me as my Patron, you will make my further drumming improvement possible and allow my YouTube channel to grow. The latter is very important because only YouTube and participating in contests give me the opportunity to present my skills to the global audience and key people in the music industry.

As a Patron, you will be the first who will know about my new videos, photos, and live performances, as well as about my progress, achievements and failures in studying and music career as a drummer.

Drumming has never been a hobby for me. Drums are my main passion and real happiness. I hope to become a highly professional drummer. But life is an incredible journey with lots of obstacles. And we can overcome all of them only with the help of our family, friends, and genuine supporters. Please be one of them.

Other Ways You Can Help
I would appreciate it very much if you could
  • Subscribe to my channel Youtube.com/KateKuziakina
  • Share my videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks
  • Tell your friends about me, my drum covers and my Patreon page

A huge Thank You for supporting me!
May all your dreams come true 💜💜💜 !
7 of 31 patrons

Thanks to your invaluable continuous support I can take individual classes on drumming now! New knowledge and skills help me to
 -- Create drum covers more complex and in different genre
 -- Make music videos on my YouTube channel more impressive and enjoyable for you
Without your support, it would be simply impossible!
Thank you so much!!!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts

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