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Songwriting and singing are the gifts that fuel my passion-- which is to connect people. Sometimes my music brings people together to connect with each other – sometimes it’s helping people to connect deeper to themselves, either way, I love being a part of it! 

But music isn’t a hobby for me, it’s my life’s work. Every artist I know is working overtime to make their art sustainable. For me, it’s a 2-pronged approach: develop my service as a songwriter for hire, and continue writing and recording for Kate Lamont, the artist.

And that brings us to Patreon – a unique crowdsourcing platform that provides an opportunity to share my work journey while building a stronger connection with you, the community of people that I live to connect with. It’s pretty simple: when you join my Patreon campaign, you choose a tier, or a level, at which you are contributing on a monthly basis. With this campaign, I will be focused on connecting to you through the art of songwriting: in addition to exclusive behind the scenes narratives (State of “the Art”), unreleased video, live performances, and sharing new finished work with you, you can commission me to create custom music for you! I’m thinking along the lines of outgoing voicemail msgs, soundtracks for your social media posts, and maybe even “mad-lib” style you-design-it-I-write-it jingles.

Your support as a patron allows me to spend my workday writing and promoting music.
In addition to giving me the gift of time, your support will go towards all the services associated with creating professional-grade recordings: studio time, mixing, mastering, manufacturing, distribution (both physical and digital). And lest we forget costs like graphic design, photography, digital marketing & strategy, videography, and oh my goodness: GEAR (headphones, microphones, monitors, stands, keyboards, computers, cables, software, effects units, the list goes on!)

Bottom line: Your support now keeps me on the path of being a sustainable artist that can continue to contribute to the world in a positive way. THANK YOU! One hundred million times, thank you.
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My first goal is to up my home studio game, which will translate to faster turn around times for clients and personal projects. This means becoming more proficient in DAW (digital audio workstations) as well as purchasing pro studio monitors.
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