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About Katherine Grace Murphy

Hello Patreon! 


Thank you so much to all my Patrons for helping fund my work and livelihood. In the short time, I've been with Patreon, my Patrons have already helped fund housing for the cast and crew of Dead Oasis, as well as sending my short film The Asylum to festivals (currently hosted on Amazon Prime). Patreon also helps fund my website and blog. 

Who I am

I am a writer, film-maker and dancer/dance-maker, currently out of Los Angeles, CA. 

What I do

I brand myself as a creative risk taker, eclectic art maker, and skilled communicator. Though I play with various mediums (film, literature, non-fiction, dance), my personal work tends toward horror, dark comedy, tragedy, and social commentary, with a strong focus on character psychology and aesthetic/tone. I find beauty in the parts of people that only a mother could love and compassion in the places we tend not dare to visit. 

Why Patreon?

It's hard having big dreams on a small budget. I want to have a place where I can communicate directly with those who believe in my work and share a reciprocal relationship. 

What I intend to do

Patreon will act as an aid for funding passion projects, my website, submitting work to film festivals and writing competitions, etc.


Announcements, behind the scenes content, first access to work before anyone else sees it, and more (check out the tiers). UPCOMING CONTENT: short dance film Vimeo channel. 

Thank you so much to all my Patrons for helping fund my work and livelihood. 
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