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It's magical to have you here. There are no coincidences.

Through my work and writing, I strive to empower peacemakers and sensitive souls to be brave in life and work. Because it's with curiosity, care and courage that we embark on the path to peace: healing ourselves to heal the world.

Here's how:

1. I teach the 5 pillars of my BRAVE framework that you can apply to all areas of your life and work. It meets you where you're at on your path to self-discovery, spiritual awakening and social change:
B: Beliefs + Boundaries
R: Rest + Rituals
A: Awareness + Action
V: Values + Vision
E: Energy + Emotions

2. I share with you an evolving Helpful Things list, with books, videos, workshops, resources and other tools to help you step into your personal and professional power while honouring your energy, lifestyle, gifts, vision and values.

3. I create guided meditations, hypnoses and other audio recordings, to deeply embed your discoveries and bolster your brave action. 

4. I make workbooks, ebooks, programs, courses and other materials to guide you on your path.

5. I host a podcast, the Katherine Rose Show, to share insights into brave living and intuitive awakening.

Your support means the UNIVERSE to me! Even if you can only afford a few dollars a month, it allows me to continue to create FREE content for you and others. You're also helping me build better, deeper, more impactful programs, products and materials so more of us can become braver – and create a fairer world. I also pay forward a portion of your donation to other Patreon creators. Scroll on to the bottom for more on that.


I’m an intuitive and inclusive writer, coach, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and author. I live on Kaurna land in Adelaide, Australia with my Greek husband. I'm cisgendered, bisexual, use she/her pronouns, and am an empath.

For over 14 years, I’ve helped socially conscious businesses, brands, leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world tell their story, make a meaningful impact, and take brave action. More and more, I've been awakening to my intuitive gifts and taking brave action to live and work in a way that honours my soul purpose.

My big vision is to help more people step into their full power, lead with compassion and awareness, and help shape a new world. A fairer world. A peaceful world.

I wasn't born brave. I wasn't raised to feel good in my skin, empowered to speak up, or see my privilege. Through running two businesses; investing in feminist, inclusion, and anti-racist programs and products; reading and research; getting qualified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy; and joining inclusive collectives, I found my voice. I saw my vision. And as I began coaching leaders and creators, I brought it all to my work.

I'm not done. I'm still evolving. Still learning. Still getting uncomfortable while unraveling my privilege and programming. Still healing from past hurt and trauma (my lived experiences span bullying, anxiety and depression). But as I share my story, learn from mentors, sink deeper into spiritual practice, and connect with more souls in this community, that's when magic happens. In being brave, we encourage others to do the same. In being brave, we create change.

Connect with me on Instagram where I share snapshots of my life and work.


Prices are in US dollars. *Fingers crossed* Patreon will soon allow my Aussie friends to pay in their currency. Apparently it's in the works!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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