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About Kathryn Ford

 Who am I:

I am Kathryn Ford, an author from South Africa. And my debut novel, The Transfer, will be released in December of 2019.

I was born blind, and can only see light and dark with a few shadows. I started reading and writing from a very young age, even if it was only a story about ponies having a picnic. I loved writing and always dreamed about becoming an author.

I went to school, which was for the visually impaired, and was over an hour away from home. So, I had to stay in the boarding school during the week and only go home on weekends. I finished my last year of high-school as the best disability student in our country.

I then went off to Bloemfontein for university, which was a five hour drive from home. I studied English Literature, French and History. I only got to go home for the holidays. I completed my degree with distinction, and decided to add an extra year to my studies to convert my B.A. into an Honours degree.

In 2010 I came home and spent all my time there. Since my first year of University I had tried to write a book, but it always fell flat. Over the last thirteen years I’ve tried to write, but I was always stopped in the middle of the book and I’d give up. Half of this was due to that I have Bipolar Disorder and it hampered my ability to function properly. I had two stints in hospital, one in 2016 and one in February of 2019. It was mostly medicine adjustment and various sorts of therapy.

When I came out after the February 2019 stint, I felt better than I ever had. And one day I picked up my laptop and began to write. I had drive and purpose. And I didn’t stop until the first draft of ‘The Transfer’ was complete.

I am an avid reader of mainly epic fantasy such as; Lord of the Rings; Christopher Paolini; and Mercedes Lackey. Other genres I enjoy are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Dystopia. I love animals and have been riding horses since the age of eleven. My dream is to own my own horse one day. I think I’m addicted to coffee, if you don’t give it to me in the morning, you’ll be facing an extremely grumpy me.

I’m married and live in Boksberg, Gauteng, South Africa, with my husband and four cats, who definitely think they own the house. I love chocolate and jelly teddybears, so pass them along please! I listen to a lot of music, it helps calm me. My favourite genre is power metal with bands such as Hammer Fall, Powerwolf and Nightwish. I enjoy watching sports such as cricket and rugby. My favourite movie is Cool Runnings. I also make beeded jewellery in my spare time and sell it at markets. I have tried my hand at mosaicing and in the new year I am looking to do pottery. I hope to finish those stories that I left unfinished in the past. That is where Patreon comes in.

Why I chose Patreon:

Now that I am able to write again, with my bipolar kept in check by the medicine, I want to share all the stories I have with the world. But, unfortunately, in South Africa we only have a few publishing houses and they do not accept all genres to publish, and we only have a limited market. Which makes it extremely hard for an author to get a start, or even support themselves in their craft.
That is why I decided that I would rather try share my work on Patreon, where I can hopefully build a community of readers, and raise enough money to allow me to continue writing and sharing my stories with the world.

What My Patrons will Get:

- You get to share in my literary journey
- With the help of my husband, I will produce regular update videos exclusively for my Patrons.
- I will release a minimum of one new chapter to my Patrons per week.
- Digital copies of my books
- Physical copies of my books
- Audiobook copies of my books\
$21.19 of $50 per month
When I reach $50 I know my internet bill is paid each month, and posting to my patrons will be uninterrupted.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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