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Well, folks. It seems like we’re not gonna be waking up from this weird fever dream any time soon. So in the interest of making lemonade…

Welcome to my brand new Patreon!

Here, in the magical land of creation-based subscriptions, instead of exchanging charisma for dollar bills from behind a bar, I can exchange music and musings and small pieces of my soul for monthly donations. Don’t worry. I really, really like giving away bits of my soul. There’s plenty to go around, I promise.

Basically, here’s how it works: You choose ANY dollar amount you want to donate on a recurring monthly basis, and in return, I create work and send it to you, including parts of my process that no one else gets to see. And at different tiers of donation, you get different rewards and different kinds of interaction. It’s crowdfunding, a lot like kickstarter or indiegogo, but instead of relying on one big lump-sum fundraiser, the continuous flow of micro-payments by a group of subscribers creates community and gives creators the gift of a dependable monthly stipend. In return, you get ultra-exclusive content like peeks into my actual freaking journal. I honestly can’t believe I’m offering that to anyone… but I like to say I’m a big fan of vulnerability, so let’s walk our talk, shall we?

Picture this: I release a new song. A shiny, pretty, studio-recorded song. BUT! Months before that shiny, pretty thing gets released to the public, you know all about it. And as I develop the song, you’re hearing the progression of raw voice memo recordings. And seeing photos of the journal pages I’m writing on. And reading my anxious musings as I determine whether or not to even pursue the song as a viable life source for meaningful art and inevitably digress into the philosophical unimportance of art being “meaningful” at all…

Basically, if you have ever asked yourself where my music comes from or how I write it, you should TOTALLY become a patron. You can get access to everything I just described for literally as low as $1/month. No, I didn’t forget any zeros, but thanks for asking, and let me remind you that if it’s zeros you desire, you are fully entitled to give any grandiose amount that you may want to. ;)

As a newly unemployed bartender and gig-less musician, I won’t mince words... I am broke as shit. But so is everybody. This is why it's extremely important to me to keep a lot of the juicy interactive content accessible to the $1 level. If you're here, you're here. And that has nothing to do with whatever number comes after the dollar sign on your Patreon receipt. Wanna throw in $3/month? That is INCREDIBLE and I LOVE YOU. But hey.... if you've got $500/month just layin around you wanna pitch, I am NOT gonna fight you on it. This is what Patreon is for!! Letting creators focus on creating and letting generous folks support them just because they love their work. 

The reality is that even before that bitch coronavirus showed up, the arts economy was broken. Independent musicians can’t rely solely on album sales. And they sure as shit can’t rely on touring. The industry systems in place were antiquated and insufficient even before my gig calendar and restaurant job simultaneously evaporated overnight. 

But, money aside, my #1 priority in this whole venture is to just be WITH you all. As you may know already, I released my debut album this week... on the internet. Without singing on any stages anywhere. Or hugging anyone. And I've gotta be real with you guys... the lack of face-to-face interaction has left a lot to be desired for a fluttery little social butterfly like myself. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been astounded, humbled, and galvanized by the level of heartfelt support I’ve received surrounding this album release. But... I… I... I just miss you guys. I’ve always made music to connect. Both with myself and with others. And this whole socially distanced twilight zone we’re living in has made it feel more imperative than ever to find new and inventive ways to share my heart with you, even if all we've got is the internet.

So if you’d like to come along for the ride, jump on in, my friend. I can tell you already that I’m lucky to have you. Yes, you, stranger-friend on the internet who decided my Patreon link was worth clicking, and then somehow proceeded to make it this far in my exceptionally rambling introduction. Honestly, if you’re still reading this shit, you’re going to LOVE it here and I’m going to LOVE you. So let’s just go ahead and collectively lean into the spaces of each other’s hearts that need a good cobweb sweep. 

Stay safe out there, and know you’re well-loved in this heart.

If you have more questions about how Patreon works as a platform, THIS video does a super great job of explaining.
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Upon reaching 50 PATRONS, I'll host an ALL-PATRON interactive webcast and read my favorite children's book of all time to you while dressed in character. Let's make this happen y'all.... I can't WAIT to have an excuse to do that. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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